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Mens Teams

Ladies Teams

Jersey A

Jersey Ladies

Jersey B

Guernsey Ladies A

Portugal A

Guernsey Ladies B

Portugal B

Trevor's Golden Girls


Isle of Wright Ladies


Wellington Ladies

Isle of Wright A

Isle of Wright B

Sommerset Inn


Yeovil Arrowsmiths

Men's Team Champions Jersey B Jersey A Isle of Wright B Nottingham

Portugal B

Jersey Ladies

Guernsey B Ladies

Isle of Wright Ladies

Ronnies Rockets

Wellington Ladies

Women's Team Champions Guernsey A

Men's Singles Champion  A Stentiford

Women's  Singles Champion  L Myder


Andy Stentiford vs Aaron Canavan

Final Frame Decider

Andy Stentiford vs Ryan Shaw

Men's Singles Final

Linda Myder vs Rachel Sutton

Women's Singles Final

Men's Team Final

Jersey B vs Portugal A

Andy Stentiford vs Paul Quick

Men's Single Semi Final

Andy Stentiford vs Sony Bale

Men's Singles Quarter Final

Aryan Shaw vs Brett Campbell

Men's Singles Semi Final

Michael Anfray pots the black to secure a historic 8-6 win against the Jersey A team.